WHAT WE DO  -  Blowmoulding

Plasmo has one of the biggest ranges of off-the-shelf blowmoulded products in Australia.

Plasmo enjoys a reputation, earned over many years, of being a trusted and experienced blowmoulder of consistently good quality products.

We blowmould items for a range of applications, including industrial, furniture and footwear; and also for packaging products such as bottles and jars.

Our new computer controlled machines can make products with volumes ranging from 5 millilitres to 25 litres.

We generally design and make all our product moulds in our in-house tool room, with our team of experienced designers and toolmakers.

Plasmo is not afraid to tackle "hard" projects or blow unusual shapes in different polymers, including HDPE, HMHDPE, LDPE, EVA, PP, PVC, PU, and Santoprene.

We are happy to blowmould short runs as well as long runs of products, and to produce items in customised colours.

Please contact us to discuss your needs for custom blowmoulding, or explore our product catalogue to see just some of our range of off-the-shelf products.

Plasmo Pty. Ltd.
436 Victoria Road, Malaga
Western Australia, 6090

Telephone: (618) 9249 9922
Facsimile: (618) 9249 9944
email:  plasmo@plasmo.com.au