WHAT WE DO  -  Custom Made Products

We have the technology and expertise to turn your dream into reality.

Plasmo’s expert staff can work with you to develop custom made products for packaging and non-packaging applications. We can develop items from concept to finished product, using either injection moulding or blow moulding techniques.

Our expertise over a number of disciplines (such as design, toolmaking, polymer knowledge and moulding), enables us to make the development of products an enjoyable and trouble free process.

Plasmo uses the latest technology including high-end 3D design software, computer controlled tool-room equipment and computer controlled moulding machines.

Advice and quotations

We can advise you about design and production options, and provide you with a quotation that is tailored to your budget. Confidentiality and exclusivity is assured.

We can help determine the cheapest and best moulding solution for your product, whether it requires a simple single cavity mould or a complex multi-cavity mould using hot runners, moving cores and unscrewing mechanisms.

We occasionally use a staged approach, initially moulding trial samples and then making modifications to improve the functionality of the product.

For an initial consultation about your custom product requirements, please contact us .

Plasmo Pty. Ltd.
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Telephone: (618) 9249 9922
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