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Sprayers and Pumps - Trigger

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Plasmo stocks a wide range of sprayers and pumps to complement your plastic packaging needs. If you are looking for a specific item please refer to our Product Filter to search for what you require. Otherwise if you would rather browse our entire range, please click below.
Alternatively, we have done the hard work for you and listed each suitable Sprayer and Pump against their Bottle, Jerrican, or Drum counterparts. So if you have a specific Plasmo item you need to match, please refer to that item under our product pages (Bottles, Jerricans, or Drums) or the Product Filter to view the range of suggested Lotion Pumps, Fine Mist Sprays, Trigger Sprays (including adjustable, foaming, and on off varieties), Wetting Sprays, and Hose On Sprays.
Contact our friendly sales team to discuss your requirements, request a quote or place an order.

Use the filter to refine your search. If for some reason our standard range does not suit your requirements, please contact our friendly sales team to discuss alternative options or refer to our Custom Made Products page.

Sprayers and Pumps

28/415(410) TS035M 135FBOG B/W


Sprayers and Pumps

28/415(410) TS035M 135FBOG R/W